Wielding the Word in a Dark World (Part 1)

Convenient. Ready-made. Processed. Instant. These words describe many facets of society as we know it. Fast food, overnight dry cleaning, high speed Internet, twenty-four-hour shopping centers, and at-home dog groomers are just a few of the conveniences and ease that typify our American culture. We welcome these modern-day wonders as they free up our time to invest in the kingdom by serving others.

However, the give-it-to-me-now-the-way-I-like-it spirit that flows through the veins of our world is something you and I must be on guard against. Left unaware we can quickly be allured by the easy come, easy go mentality which leaves one dull-minded and lacking resolve when confronted with a challenge. Suddenly, when endurance, stamina, and patience are required, it is far easier to count your losses and move on to an easily mounted hurdle.

Can you relate to this dynamic? It is safe to say no one is immune. Yet, perhaps this dullness becomes most poignant during quiet times of reading Scripture, when resilience and fortitude are crucial. It becomes clear that in addition to Big Macs and French fries, we have grown accustomed to ready-made, pre-packaged Christianity.

Currently, we are still free to publicly proclaim our religious convictions. And with this privilege comes the blessing of benefiting from Christian writers both past and present as inspirational writing on almost any topic is a key stroke or arms length away. Yet with each blessing comes responsibility.  And, the task before us is to benefit from the work of other believers without abdicating our role of wrestling with Scripture, laying hold of it so it might lay ahold of us. No other text is God-breathed (2 Tim. 3:16). No other book is living and active hitting to the core of our heart (Heb. 4:12). And in the end, it may be a matter of life and death (James 1:21). The apostle Paul was very clear when exhorting us to, “look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil” (Eph. 5:15).

Ladies, how will we stand unwavering and resolute in this evil time when God’s glory is being marred across our nation? As court decisions are made which deny the image-bearing aspects of marriage and deny the rights of the preborn, assuming authority over life that only belongs to our Sovereign Creator, how will we declare that He alone reigns? How will we as believers turn our faces as flint toward Jesus when it is increasingly unpopular or results in persecution? To remain resolved about right and wrong, courageously speak the truth when in the minority, and represent Christ from the inside out, we need the sustaining power of God. Such ability and resolve only come as the Spirit works in us through the Word of God. Nothing less will suffice.

God’s Word is no mere rule book or a light, periodic read. It is the revelation of our holy, glorious, sovereign God who calls us to bask in His presence by devouring His Word. And through head-wrenching times of study your heart and mind will be miraculously transformed into the image of your Creator, step by step. As a result, you will be armed to stand firm in these last days (Eph. 6:13, 17).

Studying Scripture in its fullest is hard. Tomorrow I’ll share practical tips for reading more consistently with understanding. But for now I would love to hear from you. How steady is your resolve to remain in God’s Word?

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Darla Wilkinson

Darla Wilkinson

Darla Wilkinson enjoys the privilege of pointing women to the beauty and glory of Christ through service in women's ministry, public speaking, and biblical counseling. In 2005 she earned a Master's of Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Seminary. Darla … read more …

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