The Ultimate Wedding

A wedding, no matter the size, comes with loads of planning and preparation. Shortly after their engagement was announced, my soon to be “new daughter” had a checklist prepared. She’s been working her way down the list as the June date draws ever closer. Serious thought, research, hard work, and sweat has gone into the process. 

As we’ve shared in the preparations and enjoyed giving pre-marital counsel, my mind keeps returning to the Ultimate Wedding I’m longing to attend. And I wonder . . . Are we (the Bride) giving much thought and attention to our preparation for that glorious event

How does the fact that I will stand in my Savior’s presence as His chosen and purchased Bride affect my life today? How much thought do I give to His challenge to demonstrate love for Him through obedience to Him? Am I being intentional to prepare for His return by cultivating personal holiness? Am I being faithful to Him as I’m waiting

What would it look like if I applied the same time and energy in preparing for the Ultimate Wedding as I did for my own? 

What would my “Wedding Prep List” look like? 

  • Steal as many “alone moments” together as possible in the midst of hectic activity
  • Let Him know how much I anticipate the Day and our future together
  • Make a “battle plan” to tackle all the necessary details before that Day
  • Remove “time wasters”
  • Stay focused
  • Be sure my wedding gown is ready!
  • Remain totally faithful with my heart fixed on Him as I wait!
  • Let others know about the Big Event!! 

What are you doing in preparation for the Ultimate Wedding celebration as described in Revelation 19?

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Kimberly Wagner

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