The Joy Is Always More

Editor’s note: Every now and then we like to change things up on the blog, which is why we’re delighted to share this poem by Revive Our Hearts staff writer Micayla Brickner. She gracefully reminds us that despite all of the trials of this world, the joy is always more. —Laura Elliott

There’s so much sadness in our world
But the joy is more.
That’s what a wise woman told me today,
And don’t we all need that reminder?

When despair looms big and sorrows linger
Our hearts need constant reminding 
Of the hope that stretches before and between and beyond our sadness,
The joy that’s found in our Savior’s open arms, always waiting.

Isn’t that what spring does?
Its blossoms and blooms gently shift our gaze 
From the harshness of the gray winter, 
Toward the anticipation of new growth and abundant life.

Like daybreak collides with the darkness of the sky
Sometimes joy bursts through our deepest moments of pain.
Other times it sprouts up, ever so quietly, right there in the middle of leftover snow,
A little bud daring us to receive the promise that joy can be found, even right now.

Jesus Himself knows this best, 
Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross.
He knew sorrow. He knew grief. 
Yet He knew the joy was more

The hope of heaven,
Freedom from our sin, 
The steadfast love of the Lord—
All the troubles of this world pale in comparison to this kind of joy.

So, you, reaching for another umpteenth tissue,
It’s okay to feel sadness and sit in the heartache of today. 
You can have joy in your mourning
Because His joy comes in the morning.

Look up and see!
The tree that stood barren in the thick of winter now starts to bud.
What beauty to the eye and comfort to the heart—
The joy is always more.

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Micayla Brickner

Micayla Brickner

Micayla Brickner serves on staff with Revive Our Hearts and loves encouraging others with the truth and wonder of the gospel. She is a big fan of chasing sunrises, sharing conversations over coffee, and finding joy in everyday moments. Micayla … read more …

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