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Every Book of the Bible in One Word

Ready for a challenge? If you were to describe each book of the Bible with one only one word, which words would you choose? “As a whole, the Bible is about God . . . Each book has a major theme that emphasizes an aspect of God’s character or a way he is working to carry out his perfect plan.” Garrett Kell provides a one-word summary of every book in the Bible. Read this post.

"I Had an Abortion"

A woman wrote in to the Ask Pastor John podcast with this confession: “I had an abortion. That is the one and only thing I knew I would never, ever do. But I did it . . . Does [God] want me and still have the plans for me that He did before, or are those plans gone?” In response to this woman’s heartbreaking question, John Piper addresses the fear and shame she is experiencing, while reminding us of the hope that is infinitely warranted by the blood of Jesus. Listen to this episode.


“It was on a hot Saturday afternoon in July 1967—50 years ago this month—that [Joni Eareckson Tada] took the fateful dive that completely altered [her] life.” She says, “Lying in ICU, I was so fearful of the future. The whole idea of sitting down for the rest of my life without use of my hands or legs overwhelmed me. What was God doing? What was His plan?” Joni thought that if God would just explain the blueprint of her future, then she’d be able to trust him. Have you ever felt this way? If so, you’ll want to read this post.

How We Misunderstand Strong Women

Jasmine Holmes writes, “We think that women should be smiling, easy-going, and undamaged pictures of perfection instead of living, breathing, and hard-won evidences of God’s redeeming work. We’ve bought the stereotype that women are either wallflowers who constantly need guidance through their silly little problems; or warriors who don’t need much of anything.” In reality, she says, every one of us is more complex than that. Read this post.

When the Words of My Mouth Are Pleasing Mostly to Me

If you’ve participated in the Revive Our Hearts 30-Day Power Of Words Challenge, you may appreciate this extra encouragement on bridling your tongue for Lore Wilbert. “I have spent decades trying to figure out how to bridle my tongue, going from one extreme to the other, from utter silence to rampant zingers. This discipline of letting the Word of God be my bit and reins for a bridled tongue is the only thing that's changing me really, from the inside out.” Read this post.

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