Simplify: The Crush of Stuff

Does anyone else out there feel the crush of stuff? Maybe it’s overflowing dressers, hampers, and closets; a towering pile of bills stacked precariously on your counter; or just a general sense that if you don’t maintain control at all moments, your whole world could come crashing down.  

I think Jesus might have had all this in mind when He warned us that one of the things that would “choke out” the impact of the Word of God in our lives is “the cares of the world” (Matthew 13:22).

This Christmas, one of the best presents I received was when my boss (the brave man) offered to sort through my 628-item-long task list and release this overly responsible girl’s brain power to focus on reading and creating helpful content, rather than spending hours each day attempting to manage my overflowing inbox (and failing miserably).

If you’re like me, it’s easy to lose perspective and become paralyzed in making decisions about what to let go of, and what to keep:

•    Should I track down my fellow classmate’s address so I can return his algebra book I borrowed years ago in high school?
•    Is it okay to throw away this clay snowman flower pot Grandma gave me last Christmas?
•    Do I need to keep 25 years’ worth of bank statements on file?

That’s why I highly recommend inviting a “neutral party” to help you de-clutter your life. I’ve taken to bringing questionable clothing items with me when I visit my mom and sister. They actually seem to enjoy the routine—talking on the couch while I give them a fashion show, and then they tell me if it’s time to pass that article of clothing on to another happy owner. 

This month, do yourself a favor and ask a friend to be a “support buddy” to help you de-clutter your life. It may take a bit of humility, but it will be so worth it! You can offer to be a “support buddy” to a friend, as well. Then, please let us know about it right here.

(Tomorrow, hear from a woman who has this down—in fact, she’ll tell you how to make a daily habit of de-cluttering your life.) On that note, let the simplifying begin!


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Paula Marsteller

Paula Marsteller

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