Seeking Him Challenge, Day 8 — Search Me, O God!

The freedom of being on the trail, being able to enjoy Creation and God’s presence without the weight of worries or guilt or fear—there’s nothing like it. Today on the Seeking Him through Prayer trip, we’re looking at the joy of walking with a clear conscience. Don’t be afraid; the journey is much more enjoyable when you get past the obstacles ahead.

Today’s Verse:

Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! —Psalm 139:23–24

Your Challenge: Let God search you and then follow His leading to live with a clear conscience.

Today’s Devotional:

Have you ever looked across the table into the eyes of someone after a confession and seeing that they’ve seen the worst parts of you and still love you? Or have you enjoyed the embrace of a loved one when you’ve reconciled after a long estrangement? Or the joy of being fully known in all ways by your spouse when a wall is finally broken down?

What brings the sweetness in those moments? It’s the freedom that comes when we are no longer hiding—when we are known and loved and unhindered by shame or fear. It’s the joy of having a clear conscience.

Look Up: Seeking Him in Praise

Have you ever stopped to ponder the fact that God is the person that knows you best? Not only does the Lord know your favorite color and what you like in your coffee, He knows your history, your thoughts, and your heart. He alone knows you perfectly—without even asking what you’re thinking. He also already knows the things that lay heavy on your conscience. But in His love, He also wants to lead you. He’s near, even in the moments you experience deep conviction. Worship Him today for being both beyond your comprehension and intimately near to you.

Look In: Seeking Him for Our Own Hearts

The singer of Psalm 139 gives us a prayer (today’s verse) that could be truly comforting—or terrifying. Using this verse as a guide, ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart and reveal any areas in your life that are grieving Him. And in whatever He reveals, ask Him to lead you in obedience. 

If He’s asking you to make restitution, do it. If He’s leading you to confess sin to a friend, a spouse, an employer, or others, lean on His grace and obey. If the Word of God and the Spirit are convicting you, follow in the way they direct. It may be hard to live in a way that keeps your conscience clear, but you can trust this: humbly following God’s direction is the way of true joy. 

Look Out: Seeking Him on Behalf of Others

Is the Lord leading you to do something difficult in a relationship? If so, praying for the other person or persons involved is a great first step. Ask the Lord to prepare the way as you seek to clear your conscience. Ask Him to use the hard steps you’re taking for His glory. Either way, take some time to also pray for others reading this devotional today and for your church. Ask God to work in the hearts of His people so they will live in a way that leaves them with consciences free from guilt of unconfessed sin or unpaid debts to others—and confident in Christ’s redemption.

Reflect and Respond:

  • Prayerfully ask yourself these questions: Is there anything that God has commanded me to do that I have not been obeying? Is there any sin against the Lord or others that I have been covering up? Is there any way that I have wronged someone and not sought to make it right?
  • If the answer to any of the questions above is “yes,” stop now and confess that sin to the Lord. Then as James 5:16 encourages us, confess that sin to at least one other believer so that they can pray for you. 
  • Finally, are there any actions that the Lord is asking you to take because of a past or current sin? Is there anyone that you need to make restitution to or ask forgiveness from? Ask Him for grace, and do it—today if possible.

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Hayley Mullins

Hayley Mullins

Hayley Mullins is a biblical counselor based in northern Indiana who finds joy in helping people find help, hope, and healing in Christ. Reading, hiking, watching soccer, collecting records, and chatting over coffee are her everyday delights. Hayley formerly served … read more …

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