Only A Little Strength

“If my being weak will make you see a great God, then I say, ‘Okay, I’ll be weak. I’m willing to have just a little power, just a little strength so that you can see the greatness of the power of God.’” These words from Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ recent series on the church at Philadelphia have echoed through my mind. 

Like you, I long for the power of God to be evident in my life; to be a mere vessel through which His glory shines. But in recent days the Lord’s been showing me I have an even deeper longing and desire—a desire to be viewed as competent, to have my act together, to feel adequately prepared before ever stepping out into unchartered territory.

That desire has resulted at times in a mind paralyzed by fears of inadequacy and potential failure. Thoughts of “what if” have flooded my mind. What if I really can’t do what’s being asked? What if I’m found to be inadequate? What if I fail or disappoint or …? The possibilities seem endless. The result—mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion!

It’s not that I’m surprised by my “little strength and ability.” In fact, daily those truths flash like a neon sign in my mind. What’s surprising is that the Lord doesn’t see them as hindrances. For years that’s how I’ve viewed them—almost as an enemy needing to be conquered. Jesus’ words to the church at Philadelphia provide an entirely different perspective:

Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name (Revelation 3:8). 

Is it really possible that our little strength and ability provide the perfect vessel through which the fullness of Christ’s life can be exhibited? Isn’t that our desire? That the fragrance of Christ’s life in us would permeate the lives of those He’s entrusted to our care so that they would be drawn into a more intimate relationship with Jesus? 

Oh, ladies, the Lord is not asking us to have greater strength, greater ability, or even greater power. He is asking us to embrace, rejoice in, be grateful for our weaknesses! It sounds illogical, doesn’t it? But it’s those very weaknesses that allow the power of Christ to dwell in us (2 Cor. 12:9–10). And oh, how we need the fullness of His power in these days!

What about you? Are there areas where you feel totally inadequate—with little strength and little power? Has God been pushing you out of your comfort zone?  How are you responding? Are you willing to embrace that weakness as God’s design through which the greatness of His power can be marvelously displayed?  

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Carrie Gaul

Carrie Gaul

Carrie serves on the Staff Care Team for Revive Our Hearts and Life Action Ministries and is a Fellow with The Truth Collective. As a speaker, author, and lay-counselor, Carrie enjoys helping women experience more of Jesus’ presence, peace, … read more …

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