How, Why, and What's the Pay-off?

As we conclude our month of looking at point #5 of the True Woman Manifesto, some of you may be asking, “So, how do I 'embrace' my unique design and calling as a woman?” First of all, it helps to understand “why” I should do something that, at times, seems so foreign to my natural inclinations. So . . .

I find it helps me to think and process this dilemma logically:

• God has a great redemptive plan.
• I'm in it.
• He has a purpose for creating me as a woman.
• He has all knowledge.
• I don't.
• He's God.
• I'm not.

This isn't rocket science.

I “embrace” my design and calling by:

• Humbly acknowledging He knows best (Isaiah 55:8-9)
• Gratefully receiving His calling on my life (Ephesians 5:20-24)
• By faith placing my trust in His sovereign purposes for me as a woman (Titus 2:3-5)

How do I live it out?

• Evaluate my attitudes and actions as a woman through the grid of Scripture.

• When I recognize that I am exchanging or blurring my distinct feminine design, role, or calling–repent. Ask His forgiveness as well as anyone else's that has been affected by my sin.

• Put a plan in place to counteract the trigger points of rebellion (memorize Scripture, meet with an accountability partner, read books that address this issue, pull up this blog!).

• Completely rely on God's forgiveness and  grace to overcome sin the next time I'm tempted.

What's the pay-off?

• Joy comes from embracing God's design and living out His calling as a woman.

But more than that: God is greatly glorified!

What are some ways you are or will embrace and express your design and calling as a woman?

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Kimberly Wagner

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