Heaven Rules, and Jesus Is Near

Years ago, a mentor told me, "Pay attention to your tears." Pay attention to the song lyrics that get stuck in your throat. Pay attention to the prayers that you can barely whisper. 

As True Woman ’22 began tonight, Keith and Kristyn Getty led women in the room and participating in the livestream to sing "The Lord Almighty Reigns (Psalm 93)": 

He reigns when oceans roar, He reigns above the storm
Enthroned on high, the Lord Almighty reigns

As the final notes of the song were sung, women in the room wiped away tears. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth took the stage, and looking out over the room, she asked, “Is it a sacrifice of praise to sing those words?" 

For you, it may be. You may be in a hard season—one where the words, "He reigns," lodge in your throat. You may be grieving the loss of a family member, sending a son into the military, or struggling to stay afloat amidst financial difficulties. 

If singing those words is difficult tonight, don't despise your tears. Allow them to fall as You ask the Lord to remind You again and again of His faithfulness. He sees your pain—and this tender place may be what He uses to get your attention, to turn your eyes to heaven, and to get a glimpse of His heart.

Heaven rules and Jesus is near. 

It’s not too late if you’d like to get the full True Woman ’22 experience via the livestream! Register now and get exclusive access to the livestream and the archives through December 31. Join in the victory cry: Heaven rules!

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Katie Laitkep

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