Battle Cry: Fight for Prodigals from Your Knees

Imagine a room filled with hundreds of women. Before the closing prayer time, the speaker looks across the room and asks, "If you are praying for a prodigal to return home, will you stand?"

If you were in the room, would you stand? Would you be one of the women with tears streaming down her face as others huddle around her, holding onto her in her deepest grief? 

That was the scene this afternoon at the end of the True Woman ’22 preconference, Gender & Sexuality: Clarity in an Age of Confusion. The session closed with all of the speakers on stage, crying out to the Lord on behalf of the sexual brokenness in our countries, our churches, our homes, and our own hearts. 

Will you join their battle cry? Print out these prayers, and as you take your grief before the presence of God, remember: Heaven rules. And Heaven listens

Cry Out for Your Country

  • Lord, we come in recognition of our brokenness. We have rejected You as our Creator and set ourselves up as God. That's a lie deserving of Your discipline, yet You are compassionate and loving. You are not willing that any should perish. So, Lord, I pray that You would stay Your hand. 
  • Father, I beg of You: help us be faithful. May we, as Your people, continue to intercede for the states and provinces we live in. Even against severe opposition, may we be faithful to love well. We long for our countries to be impacted by the gospel. 

Cry Out for Your Church 

  • Lord, when You look at your Bride—the Church—You see us through the righteousness of Christ. But You also see where we are so unfaithful to You. Would You make Your church beautiful through Your power? 
  • We repent of our idolatry. We repent of our sexual sin. We repent of our bitterness and unforgiveness. We repent of our haughtiness and of our pride. Teach us to be people of confession. 
  • We acknowledge that we, Your people, have become obstacles to the gospel instead of ambassadors of it. May the world look at us and say, "Wow. How do they love each other?" Teach us how to love as You love us. This is a work we cannot do ourselves, but we can trust that You will do it in us.

Cry Out for Your Prodigal 

  • God, You know each and every prodigal by name. We praise You because they are never out of Your reach. You can rescue them. 
  • Will You draw their hearts to You? It's the goodness of God that leads to repentance—may they have a greater revelation of who You are. 
  • Let them be sick of their sin. Let them really want to be free. Set their feet on the Rock.
  • Create a powerful testimony in their lives. May the enemy regret the day he ever deceived them.

Cry Out for Your Own Heart

  • Lord, make me to be a woman who always remembers that You are our designer and You get to define us. Remind us of that truth in everything we do and through all the ways we represent You to the world. 
  • Help us to clothe ourselves in the Lord Jesus Christ, and may we be women whose lives and bodies display to the world: "The gospel is here." 
It’s not too late if you’d like to get the full True Woman ’22 experience via the livestream! Register now and get exclusive access to the livestream and the archives through December 31. Join in the victory cry: Heaven rules!

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