Happy Birthday, Nancy!

Guess who has a birthday tomorrow? That’s right . . . Nancy Leigh DeMoss! (Her birthday just so happens to fall on the tenth anniversary of Revive Our Hearts, as well.) Here are a few “birthday blessings” from some members of the ROH team. Feel free to leave her your own birthday encouragement below—her “love language” is words of encouragement!

Nancy, Happy Birthday! I am grateful for how you show us in your teaching, and even more importantly in the reality of your life, what biblical living looks like. You often mention that listening to ROH is like a slow IV drip of biblical truth. I know that is true in my life. Even though I’m “working” on your content on our websites, the truths you share have greatly molded my thinking, my heart, and my life. Often when I share with other women, I hear you speaking out of my mouth to them. Thank you for helping me to become a mentor. It is a great privilege to partner with you in the ministry of Revive Our Hearts.
Love you, 
Tammy Zebell
Web Assistant

Happy Birthday, Nancy! When I began work for Revive Our Hearts I remember sitting at my desk thinking—with DEEP gratitude—“God, how can You be so good to me to allow me to work for such a wonderful ministry?!” When I sit before the computer these many days since, it is often with the same thoughts and even deeper gratitude. You have taught me so much over these years, Nancy!

The first thing you taught me was a deeper awareness of brokenness and what it means. I so needed that in my life (needed, not wanted!). Some of the most impactful things you have taught me: what offering and receiving forgiveness looks like; godly sorrow that leads to repentance; Seeking Him; angels rejoice over the repentant; sending my “wedding garment” to the dry cleaners; Jesus as the servant; good Christians go through the desert; the value of being a godly wife (that has led to a growing marriage), mother, and grandmother; do not look to the right or left; rightly dividing the Word of God consistently; the challenge to read the Bible through in ninety days . . . I must stop—my word count is over. I can’t tell you how much my family, friends and church family love and appreciate you—but none more than me!
Sarah Krause
Biblical Correspondent

Happy Birthday Nancy! Hoping that your day is full of sweet reminders of the faithfulness of the Lord demonstrated through your life, not just in ten years of ministry in ROH, but through all the years of service and dedication you've invested in the Kingdom. Thank you for being such an encouragement, for being real, and for sharing your journey with us. I look forward with you to all the Lord has in store for the year ahead!
Joy Hynes
Graphic Designer

Dearest Nancy, I’ll never forget the day my friend introduced me to the ministry of a woman named Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She had just returned from a conference where God had wielded a mighty scalpel in her heart through your messages. Our conversation that day focused little on the messenger of the weekend, but much on the God you had so boldly proclaimed. Little did I know that day that I would one day have the privilege of observing firsthand how every aspect of your life and ministry is characterized by that desire--“He must increase, I must decrease.”

Oh, how that has been true, dear friend, as the Lord is so beautifully magnified through your life in these days! Your love for truth and for the God of the Word is being used mightily to transform lives across the globe . . . and here in this office! Thank you, Nancy, for the tender ways you have invested in our lives and family! May this be a year of abundant blessing! Happy Birthday, dear friend!!
Carrie Gaul
Biblical Correspondent

Happy Birthday Nancy! The first memory I have of you is when you spoke at the Campus Crusade for Christ staff conference and how God used your Brokenness message throughout the CCC staff those days. Another memory is when the conferences were much smaller, and you had opportunity to open the mic for people to respond in brokenness to what God was teaching them, and you would send one of the staff out to pick up an applicable resource to give to them. And, I’ve always admired how you always take time to stand and talk to ladies as long as the line may be after each Revive Our Hearts Conference—an example of your genuineness and heart to love and serve women. Thank You. The Lord used those conference messages to change my life and draw me to join the staff.
Stacey Battenburg
Resource Manager

Dear Nancy, I would like to wish you a very blessed happy birthday. It is a pleasure and a blessing to be a part of ROH. Your desire and humbleness to please our Lord is beyond measure.
In all you do, you truly desire it to be perfect for a perfect Savior. Your care and compassion for others is truly visible. You speak truth, not from yourself but from our Lord’s words. Thank you, Nancy, for calling women to freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ.
Joyce Cronin
Ministry Relations Assistant

Nancy, It has been an honor and a blessing to know you and your mother and father before you since 1977. Your example of godly womanhood is laying a foundation for millions of people. It is our privilege to have known and served with you over these years. Our birthday wish for you this year is stated so well in Eph. 3:14-19. Happy Birthday!
Bonnie and Jim Lang
Ministry Representatives

Nancy, Thank you for obeying God's call to this ministry. Your voice, rooted in the Word of God, is mighty against the enemy. Thank you for not being afraid to express His Truth about brokenness, repentance, obedience, and living a Spirit-saturated life. Thank you for seeking to live what you preach, everyday. I can't wait to see what God will do with the next ten years! Happy Birthday!
Tom Mathis
Media Operations and Station Relations Manager

Nancy, I so appreciate your transparency and vulnerability with us! You walk your talk! You have set a wonderful standard for me to follow in my friendships with others. You have challenged me to not be afraid of what others think, but to walk in honesty and humility before the Lord. God has worked through you to convict me, humble me, grow me, and help me in the process of overcoming my fear of man. You have helped me to love my Lord and His Word more than I ever thought I could. Daily I see that God’s divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness through our knowledge of Him (2 Pet. 1:3). That knowledge is only gained through His Word. Thank you, Nancy, for being available for God to use in such a powerful way in my life! Happy Birthday and much love!
Lorree Johnson
Biblical Correspondent

Nancy, I can remember the first time I heard you speak at a conference in 1999; your messages were delivered in such a winsome way. The Lord used you then to challenge my heart in several significant areas during that season of my life. Well who would have thought (except the Lord) that in 2002 I would join the Revive Our Hearts team. Now here we are, many years later with many joys, sorrows, celebrations, and challenges behind us. You still are the “real deal!” You live out in front of me, in such an attractive way, what it looks like to be intentional about your relationship with the Lord and others. You show me almost daily not to resent, resist, or run from the hard things, but rather to embrace the cross which is a pathway to greater spiritual intimacy and fruitfulness. This verse reminds me of you: “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day” (Prov. 4:18). As you celebrate another birthday remember . . . you are one day closer to that “full day.” May the Lord keep you faithful all the way to the finish line. I love being on God’s team with you!  Happy Birthday!
Sandy Bixel
Executive Assistant to Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Happy Birthday Nancy. I hope you have a moment or two to pause on your special day to reflect on your life and ministry. A little reflection is a luxury these days but will be a blessing to you none the less. These are great days for ROH and I trust you are encouraged and excited about what lies ahead for you and for the ministry. As your friends, Paige and I will be praying for you and will try to encourage you in every way we can in the days to come. In my official position with Revive Our Hearts I will work tirelessly to do my part to keep ROH moving forward. We both need the Lord for what we do. May He be pleased to take us with Him. Again Blessings on your birthday.
Gary (and Paige) McCauley
Director of Development for Revive Our Hearts

Precious Nancy, I am so grateful for this ministry and the potential God has to change our world through the True Woman Movement. One of the main things I appreciate is the major role you have played in putting the truth of God’s Word into my heart rather than the things of this world. I'll never forget the summer many years ago when I took your book Lies Women Believe on vacation with me. It forever changed my thinking and my life. I am so grateful that God used you to influence my spiritual journey. This book has influenced my sisters also and I will be forever grateful for this truth in their lives. I love all the resources at ROH and the way they seem to be released in providential timing for our specific needs. God is truly amazing and He is using you and your devotion to Him to develop the movement.  

On a personal note, I remember sitting on bleachers watching some sport, talking with you about how important it was for parents to be involved in the lives of their children. It occurred to me later that you had adopted these families and children from your realm of influence to be an encouragement to them. This experience prompted me to be more outgoing with my children’s friends. Tom and I started to invite them into our family activities especially if they did not have a close family situation of their own. We eventually took two of them on vacation with us one year (their senior year spring break) and one of these young men gave his life to Christ.

Another time I vividly remember was a conversation we had with our children after the open house celebrating your move into your home. I do not remember the year but I do remember that our children who went with us argued with me that “Miss Nancy had many children because they had so many toys to play with.” When I took time to explain that all those toys were in your home for their enjoyment they were speechless. This is just one example of how your love and outpouring into the lives of those you care so deeply about has made a huge impact.

In our culture where there are a lot of "gray areas" for many people when it comes to what is true, I appreciate your black-and-white convictions all based on the Word of God. It seems the LORD always gives you a practical and sometimes personal application that impacts my heart. I appreciate how you have been supportive of our local ministries like the Pregnancy Care Center.
I am grateful for the deep thinking mind and unrelenting passion our LORD has given to you and I will be praying for HIS direction for you and this entire ministry in the years to come, if He terries.  Love you MORE.
Carla Shier
Ministry Representative

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