God’s Shopping List

This post was written by Kate McCord. 

God’s got a bank. He’s rich. Not filthy rich, but beautifully rich, and He’s out shopping. God doesn’t shop like I do. No HD TVs, BMWs or iPads. He spends His bank where it matters.

God’s into people. No marketing needed. No manipulated desire. He’s scouring the aisles of the world, shopping every tribe, tongue, people, and nation.

I read Revelation 7:9–10 and pause. Our Jesus, the One we love, the One we say we want to emulate. Our Jesus spent His bank, bought men and women, boys and girls from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. Americans, Afghans, Kenyans, Koreans, Argentineans. People. People who live under different flags. People who carry family names: Smith, Nguyen, Kowalski, Saed, Hokimura. People who live in thatched huts, brick houses, concrete blocks, iron bars, clapboard farmhouses with metal roofs. People like me. People like Ahmed and Nazar, John and Amy, Stanislow and Jacob, Natasha and Lee.

God’s out shopping.

He’s not pulling product off a shelf, either. God shops us like a man shops for a wife. He introduces Himself. Woos us. Does everything to win us. God gets down on one knee.

We have a choice. We can look at the ring and say, “Not big enough,” but with God, there’s no bigger ring, no better deal. God offers it all. We make our decision. We accept or not.

I accepted, so why do I pause when I read the verse in Revelation?

I pause because my shopping list is so different. I pause because I don’t even look at Ahmed and Nazar, John and Amy, Stanislow and Jacob, Natasha and Lee. I pause because my shopping list is full of electronics and Starbucks.

I pause because I know that if I pocket God’s shopping list, I’ll have to reorder my priorities. I’ll have to walk the aisles of the only store that matters. I’ll have to care about people. I’ll have to care enough to introduce God, woo, win, and finally, I’ll have to get down on one knee, His ring in my hand and make the offer.

What about you? Who’s shopping list do you carry?

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