God Hears (Even When We Don't Want Him To!)

And they said, "Has the Lord indeed spoken only through Moses? Has he not spoken through us also?" And the Lord heard it. (Num. 12:2)  

Have you ever had a gripe with someone in a position of spiritual leadership? It may have been your pastor or some other church leader. It may have been a leader in a ministry where you serve. It may have been your husband. Maybe they weren’t leading the way you thought they should. Or perhaps you felt your gifts were being overlooked. Whatever the reason, you felt justified in verbalizing your criticism.

Maybe you’re nursing one of those “gripes” today.

If so, learn a lesson from the life of Miriam, who had become jealous of her little brother Moses, the one God had raised up to lead His people. It seems she was tired of being stuck in the background. Unhappy about her perceived lack of influence. As a result, she grew increasingly critical of Moses, pointing out things that bothered her about him or tweaked her sense of fairness.

And “the Lord heard it”—not just when the words finally came out of her mouth, but long before then, when her heart began beating to the drum of discontentment, dissatisfied with the role God had entrusted to her.

God not only heard Miriam; He hears us. He hears our grumblings, whether expressed outwardly or merely nursed inwardly. He knows our resentment, our competitive spirits, our proud comparisons and our bent to make ourselves look better by putting others down. He knows when our hearts are wanting more (or different) than what He has given.

So let this be a day of awakening and repentance for us—a time to come clean from our proud self-seeking ways, being grateful instead for every opportunity the Lord gives us to serve and for what He is accomplishing through others, lifting up rather than tearing down God’s appointed leaders.

May He hear the sound of a humble heart at rest.

Would you ask God to show you what is at the heart of any dislike, resentment, or jealousy you may have displayed toward a leader?

This post was taken from Nancy’s new devotional, The Quiet Place: Daily Devotional Readings.

For more on Miriam’s life, listen to Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth's series, “Remember Miriam.” Through Miriam’s life, you’ll understand the power of a godly female model and get a sobering reminder that no matter how long you’ve walked with the Lord, you’re not immune to falling.

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