Before I Die . . .

All of us have dreams. Some want their dream home, complete with grass and picket fence. Others would love to have their dream job or dream car or dream vacation. A good way to ask this question is . . . if you could experience anything in the world, what would it be?

I have a lot of dreams. Fueled by a few years of experiences and a passion for something transcendent, you don’t want to ask me about my dreams unless you have a full pot of coffee and a good bit of time. I’ll wear you out.

But, can I let you know just one? I dream of a mighty spiritual movement in this nation. Something that history would record—not just in human writing, but in heavenly records: A movement of God’s Spirit that overpowers our human frailty and our silly wineskins, a breath from the throne of heaven that brings the church to magnificent renewal. Where people can’t wait to get to prayer meetings and worship that lasts all night. Where no musical instrument is needed because the fullness of human voices raised in genuine praise is more magnificent than the greatest symphony.

I dream of a day when the silly, stupid, worldly gods we vainly follow as believers are seen for what they are and gladly released. When the thought of wasting time in front of a television is so useless to believers that it’s passed over like stale bread. I dream of Acts 2. I dream of love that causes us to release every hold on our possessions in such remarkable ways that the whole church in any given city is caring for the needs of each believer so that there is literally “no more need” in the entire believing community.

I dream of a national revival in God’s true church where whole towns are marked by one characteristic—the manifest presence of God. I see, from this reviving of God’s church, a spiritual awakening among those without Christ. Where society and culture is consumed and transformed in a tidal wave of spiritual momentum. Where people without Christ don’t have to be begged and persuaded to think about Christ but come running to God’s altars to beg for mercy and cleansing. Where Sunday morning is a continuation of gatherings that have happened every single week day. Where every home becomes a sanctuary; every gathering a prayer meeting; every person a testimony and a messenger of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Where the gospel becomes almighty and carries everything before it.

If you think I’m a lunatic, go ahead. But I’m not just dreaming. This is my God’s desire, and He has done it before. Everything I’ve just described has happened, more than once, in American history. And our God is powerful enough to do it again. In spite of our sin and weakness, our fears and our traditions. It seems fantastical to us, but it’s our lack of exposure to an experience of national revival and spiritual awakening that makes us so unbelieving.

That’s ONE of my dreams and, I admit, the big one . . . and I’m not giving up on it until I die.

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Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff is the Directional Pastor of The Summit Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is a frequent conference speaker, writer, and consultant to churches, drawing from more than fifty years of pastoring and revival ministry. He is the Pastor/Church … read more …

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