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The Lord Is My Salvation

Have you seen this gorgeous, new lyric video for Keith and Kristyn Getty’s song, “The Lord Is My Salvation”? No matter what season of life you’re walking through, these words will encourage your heart and point you to Christ, “who doesn’t just give light and salvation, He gives Himself.” Praise God! We hope this song will help prepare your heart for the worship to come with the Gettys at Cry Out! Watch this video.

What Is Your Body Saying? The Call of God in a Woman's Design

Abigail Dodds writes that we are more than our bodies—more than our minds even—but we are not less. In our society, “Our bodies have become something like a mausoleum that we dare not spend or use for any purposes other than the ones we decide will benefit us.” But God “made our bodies a home, and making a home for others is an extension of that.” This post points to why God designed women this way; are we willing to accept the answer inherent in His creation and inerrant in His Word? Read this post.

On the Olympics, Parenting, and Our Identity

An article was published last week that addressed the rates of depression in athletes following the Olympic games. “All of the hype, all of the training, all of the fame and glory that surrounds these events can lead to a serious emotional letdown once everyone boards a plane back to their ordinary, normal lives.” The remedy is to rely on the Christ who never fades away, who never loses his wonder. “God gets glory when we find our identity in Him alone—and we get all the joy.” Read this post.

With Love, Your Single Daughter

I so appreciate the words in this post, a thank-you note written to parents drawn from the experiences of many single women. As this writer points out, sometimes what we need is not a defensive five-point essay or theological dissertation, but to get an intimate glimpse of what it looks like for biblical principles to be lived out. May this letter propel all of us, as women in a wide variety of life stages, to see singleness as a season of life made beautiful in Christ. Read this post.

Four Ways to Pray in the Wake of Zika

“Amid the medical terminology, the Zika virus frightens us with its insidiousness, and with its attack upon the unborn.” Dr. Kathryn Butler encourages us to pray for families impacted by the outbreak: may mothers, especially, revel in the miracle of birth regardless of the outcome and be set free from despair. “Whatever tragedy may befall us, we can rest assured that the Lord of all, who is absolutely sovereign, knows our grief. He has already overcome evil.” No disease can trample our hope. Read this post.

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