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Our Response to SB 1146

What is California’s SB 1146 bill, and why should we pay attention to it? In short, SB 1146 would make it illegal for Christian colleges to not hire employees or reject students based on LGBT status. In this video, Dr. John MacArthur leads followers of Christ to view the controversy with kingdom perspective: we do not have to be afraid of what is it to come, for our God will remain faithful; He will never forsake us. Watch this video.

(When faith-based organizations fight bills such as SB 1146, what are they actually trying to preserve? This article has some answers: Why We Are Fighting in California.)

Why We Still Need True Love Waits

As we live and serve in a culture that’s gone off the sexual deep end, Erin Davis says, “We must be ready to run in with the salve of the gospel for those already wounded by the lie of sexual freedom. But in addition to doing triage, we must warn the next wave. We still need to beat the drum of purity. . . . In this department, perhaps it’s time to teach like it’s 1999. Because true love still waits.” Read this post.

(Single women in this season of “waiting,” may we be encouraged that God “will withhold no good thing from those who walk uprightly.” Read more: Singleness Is Not a Problem to Be Solved.)

The Story of Iran’s Church in Two Sentences

“Persecution threatened to wipe out Iran’s tiny church. Instead, the church in Iran has become the fastest growing in the world, and it is influencing the region for Christ.” As Mark Howard reminds us, “The story God is writing for Iran reminds us that we have every reason to rejoice. . . . Jesus will build His church. It’s a promise.” Read this post.

(Want to read more about what God is doing around the world? Check out China’s Christian Future.)

Jane Austen's Prayer

This summer has been filled with headlines that have been incredibly heavy, so when this article came across my newsfeed, it was a fun break from current events. Fans of Jane Austen, enjoy! Read this post.

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