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The Church Is the Place for Racial Peace

“Unity among people is so precious that Jesus shed His blood to purchase it. Satan hates unity in the church, which is why working division is the devil’s delight. Racial pain is an easy place for him to attack, but the Lord Jesus delights in stepping on his neck in victory.” (Garrett Kell) Read the post.

The Mingling of Souls

You can grab Matt and Lauren Chandler's "The Mingling of Souls" for free as an audiobook this month. Get this audiobook.

Grandparents, We Need You!

This article appealed to me because, sadly, all of my grandparents have died. Both of my grandfathers were pilots in the military with remarkable stories. I wish I had taken more time to listen to and learn from them. Read this article.  (Ht: Challies)

5 Reasons Why Teenagers Need Theology

Right theology is important for all ages. Yet, I can only imagine the dramatic difference my teenage years would have been marked by had I learned to think correctly about God. Pass this one along to the teens in your life. Read this post.

It Can Wait: Our Impatient World Needs Our Patience

Patience. It's part of the fruit of the Spirit, but our flesh and our world is actively fighting against it. Here's a reminder for us. Read this post.  (Ht: Challies)

We're Not Independent

The Fourth of July has passed, but the need to celebrate and embrace dependence as Christians is always before us. Paul David Tripp helps us put it in perspective. Read this post.

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