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The Counterintuitive Appeal of Christian Morality in a 21st Century World

Trevin Wax helps us understand that we are called to live counter-cultural lives as Christians in order to show the world that God’s ways are best. Read the post.

3 Things to Remember When Life Is Hard

Sarah Walton: “Disoriented. Numb. Somber. There are few words to describe where my heart has been lately. I feel inadequate to describe all the reasons why or how I have gotten to this place. But even if was able, the circumstances aren’t the point. The point is that even as Christians, we can face feelings of despair.” Read the post.

Unspoken Inheritance

Mike Glenn, a trusted pastor in Brentwood, TN who is taking care of his ailing mother, gives pastoral advice for those who have an inheritance of pain from their parents. Read the post.

Speak into Suffering

Perhaps you are in a place of hardship in your life, like Sarah’s article above. Lianna Davis points us to Scripture that we can speak into our various realms of suffering. Read the post.

TGCW16 Conference Media

The Gospel Coalition has graciously made all of the sessions from the recent women’s conference free for you to enjoy and benefit from. Listen to the messages.

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