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My Biggest Discipleship Failure

I appreciate this vulnerable testimony from my friend’s sister about lessons in her discipleship successes and failures—and some resources she developed as a result. Read this post.

If God Is a Good Father, Why Does He Allow Our Pain?

Garrett Kell: “My son awoke with a shriek. He shook and screamed and squeezed my finger as tears ran down his peach fuzzed cheeks. I was larger than the nurse, and I could have made her stop; but because I love my son, I let her wound him. Moments like these can often be overlooked, but for whatever reason, God helped me see that He loves me in a similar way.” Read this post.

Thinking Rightly About Being Transparent

Michael Kruger, the husband of my friend Melissa, is starting a series about the phrases we commonly use in Christian circles. The first post deals with being “transparent,” what we mean by it, and how we should really think about it. Read this post.

How to Honor Your Parents as an Adult

Thanks to Christopher Yuan’s twitter feed, I came across this article that meets many of us where we are. How can we, truly, honor our parents even as we are old enough to be parents ourselves? This author gives eight suggestions. Read this post.

The Mommy Wars Within Me

My friend, Amy, addresses the mommy wars, specifically when it comes to moms who work outside and inside the home. Regardless of your preference, she helps us think about where we are placing the emphasis of our identity. Read this post.

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