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Don't Hide Those Gray Hairs

“Whatever the number of candles on your cake, are there more than you’ve been willing to admit?” Candice Watters says our culture offers three options when it comes to getting older: delay, disguise, or despise; however, the Christian woman is “called to embrace a new season of loveliness the world will never understand.” As Nancy said on Twitter this week, “Don't wait till you're old to read this!” Read this post.

Growing in God's Word as a Mom of Little Ones

In this episode of the Risen Motherhood podcast, Jen Wilkin joins co-hosts Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler to offer hope and practical advice for moms of young children. Is it really possible to deepen your understanding of the Bible during this hectic and stretched-thin season? Jen believes it absolutely is. Listen to this episode.

The Horror of Human Embryo Jewelry

“Some of the strangest news I’ve ever seen came across my screen this week,” Abigail Dodds writes. “A company in Australia is turning frozen embryo children into jewelry for their parents to wear.” One woman chose a heart pendant, “so she could carry her babies close to her heart, where they should be.” As Christian women, what does it look like for us to value human life and celebrate embryos? Abigail Dodds responds. Read this post.

In Defense of the Unspoken Prayer Request

In Sunday school classes and small group settings, you may have heard someone give an unspecified prayer request. Dr. Russell Moore thinks we should hear this more: “We pray often for God to revive His church . . . Maybe one way He will know He is doing so is when we hear more of us reaching out for one another’s hands and, with tears in our eyes, saying one word: ‘Unspoken.’” Read this post.

Four Things That Happen When You Don't Read Your Bible

Do we really need to read the Bible? Brad Archer says, “Just as our body weakens when we go without food, so our soul faints when we go without God’s Word . . . Pursuing regular time with Scripture grants us greater knowledge of our Creator and brings us into a more intimate relationship with our King and Deliverer, Jesus Christ, in whom dwells all joy and peace.” Read this post.

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