CSB Bible Project Update August 2022

On January 1, 2018, Nancy began journaling through the Bible, beginning in Genesis 1. Since that time, much has happened in her own life and throughout the world. She transitioned from her fifties into her sixties. Her precious husband had two bouts with cancer—in the midst of COVID testing, masking, and isolating. There have been landmark court rulings. The United States has weathered record-breaking inflation, off-the-chart crime, racial tensions, and more, which have brought about incivility, anger, depression, and fear . . . among other notable marks of the past four-and-a-half years. "But through it all," Nancy says, "the Word of God has been an unchanging bedrock for my heart. Every hour spent soaking in this Book has been steadying, stabilizing, strengthening, and sustaining to my soul." 

After years on this journey, Nancy has begun journaling through the last book of the Bible. As she works through Revelation, pray that the Spirit of the Lord will meet her on every page, providing fresh insight and understanding of the text. Pray also for Nancy and the editorial team at LifeWay Bible Publishers as they work together on commentary notes for the devotional study Bible that is being produced out of the overflow of this journey through the Bible. 

As she's studied God's Word from Genesis to Revelation, Nancy has found an overarching theme: Heaven rules. She is in the process of preparing messages based on this truth for the upcoming True Woman ’22 conference. In these final weeks leading up to the event, pray for God to strengthen her body and her heart, to help her as she makes decisions, and to enable her to communicate His Word so as to impact many lives for Christ.

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