Dan Nold


Pastor Dan has been married to Lynn for over 30 years. As much as he loves the church, his most significant and enjoyable achievement has been partnering with Lynn to love and develop their four kids and now one kid-in-law: Sarah, Katy (and her husband, Josiah), Jake and Josh.  Dan and Lynn came to State College and Calvary Church in 1994. Dan earned a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication from Bethel University and a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary. Dan loves to preach, develop leaders and strategize about the future of the church in the Centre region. Years ago, Dan read a prayer by A.W. Tozer that he still prays consistently, “Lord make me a man to whom you can entrust your glory.” That’s Dan’s greatest purpose. “I long to become a man to whom God can entrust his glory—a living display of the gospel of grace—to inflame a passion for Christ in others."