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Mary’s Radical Trust Fall

God gives us missions that we don’t always understand. When Mary found herself in this situation, how did she react?

A Letter to Every High School Girl image

A Letter to Every High School Girl

The same Maker of flaming stars in the galaxies also reaches into your dizzying details and reminds you not to be anxious—because He is near. Close. Intimately

Leaving a Legacy of Joy image

Leaving a Legacy of Joy

Is joy woven into the soul of your family and ministry? It can be. Fight for joy using a simple pattern from Psalm 92.

When I Am Afraid image

When I Am Afraid

Does your life and ministry feel like a raging fire filled with fear of the unknown?

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For the Girl Whose Hope Is Gone

God’s love isn’t a quick-fix solution that tells us to stop crying so we can grit our teeth and move on; God’s love dives headfirst into the muddy pit with us.

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5 Verses to Bring You Hope

Understanding who our God is will bring so much peace, comfort, and hope as we continue living in this broken world.

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Instead of flowers and chocolates, let’s show the world a different kind of love.