Summer Book Club: Ditching the Attitude

I hope you’re enjoying and learning from Family: How to Love Yours (and Help Them Like You Back) as you read a chapter every week with me this summer. (And if you’re on the fence, it’s still not too late to join us! Just follow the book link above to snag your copy.) This week in chapter four, “Ditching the Attitude,” we discovered that the eye roll really is an art form (wink) and the real reason we have trouble respecting our parents. Ready for another vlog?

Let’s Discuss!

What circumstances and topics tend to spark a bad attitude in you? (This one’s going to be fun!) This next week we’re chugging right along into chapter five, “Earning Trust (and Gaining Freedom).” I’ll see you again next Monday for another installment of our Summer Book Club! 

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Jessie Minassian

Jessie loves Jesus, sunshine, and sand between her toes. She's also a speaker, author of a handful of books, and the resident "big sis" at, a Q&A website for teen girls. A native Californian, Jessie now lives near Denver, Colorado, with her husband and two daughters.