Family Fun for Everyone

Arts & Crafts


Draw pictures on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.

Get out the coloring books and crayons, and color.

Build a model car or airplane.

Design a family calendar; record birthdays, anniversaries, and family events.

Make Christmas cards or ornaments.

Family Growth

Have family devotions.

Plan a guy/girl night. Dad: Teach your son how to change the oil. Mom: Teach your daughter how to sew.>

Decorate a can and fill it with ideas of fun things to do. Take turns pulling out something new each day.

Food & Meals

Have an ice cream sundae night with special toppings, whipped cream, and candy.

Bake cookies together and take some to your neighbors.

Plan a potluck dinner with friends.

Have a barbeque.

Pack a picnic.

Go to an ice cream shop.

Build a bonfire, roast marshmallows, and make S’mores.

Getting Out of the House

Visit the zoo or a local museum.

Pick fruit at a U-Pick.

Take a road trip down a road you’ve never explored.

Plan and go on a scavenger hunt with your kids.

Attend a free community concert.


Adopt a “grandpa” or “grandma” from your church and do something special with that person.

Host a “Cousins Camp” if cousins live nearby.

If It’s Raining

Build a fort with blankets, tables, and chairs.

Make a “home movie.” Let the kids use the camcorder, dress up, and use whatever resources you have on hand to set the scene.

Design a personal collage of “Things I Love” or “The Story of My Life.” Give everyone a large poster board and a stack of magazines. When finished, take turns talking about what the pictures mean.

Give your girls a “makeover.”

Play dress-up or “Cowboys and Indians.”

Play musical chairs.

Sing around the piano.

Write a “progressive story”—each family member adds one sentence—and then illustrate it.

Write encouraging notes to relatives, people in the military, friends, and pastors.

Play board games.

Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

Neighborhood Fun

Host a bike-decorating contest, and let the kids have a parade to show off their bikes.

Plan an art show. Display the neighborhood children’s artwork, and invite their families to attend. Serve refreshments, and elect a judge to award ribbons.

Organize a community cleanup day.

Make sock puppets, write a script, and invite the neighborhood kids to the puppet show.


Play soccer or kickball.

Go on a bike ride.

Play Putt-Putt Golf or visit to the driving range.

Go roller skating or ice skating.

Visit the playground.

Shoot hoops or play H-O-R-S-E with a basketball.

Take a hike and collect rocks and leaves.

Jump rope.

Play “Kick the Can” or “Capture the Flag.”

Have a water fight with the hose, buckets, balloons, or squirt guns.

Fly a kite.

Teach the kids how to play hopscotch or croquet.

 © Revive Our Hearts. Used with permission.