Book Club: Dreams, Meet Diaper Rash

From the LYWB blog team: We just finished reading chapter two of Family: How to Love Yours (And Help Them Like You Back) by Jessie Minassian, but it’s not too late to grab your own copy and start the study with us. Let’s keep learning how to love our families together! Welcome back to the Summer Book Club! I hope you’re enjoying Family as you read along with me this summer. I’m curious to know what you discovered about your parents as you read chapter two this week, “Dreams, Meet Diaper Rash.” Your parents are real people with real names—not just “Mom” or “Dad”—for starters! So let’s chat about it!

Like I mentioned in the vlog, we’re answering application question #5 (from the book, found on page 37).

  • What difficulties have your mom and dad had to overcome in life?
  • What sacrifices did they make in order to become parents and to give you the best life possible?
  • (And I didn’t mention this in the video, but let’s add the final part to question #5.) How can you show your mom and dad the same grace God has shown you regarding your faults?

This week we’ll dig into chapter three, “Ouch! Learning to Forgive.” And I’ll see you again next Monday for another installment of our Summer Book Club! 

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Jessie Minassian

Jessie loves Jesus, sunshine, and sand between her toes. She's also a speaker, author of a handful of books, and the resident "big sis" at, a Q&A website for teen girls. A native Californian, Jessie now lives near Denver, Colorado, with her husband and two daughters.