Advisory Board

While legally Revive Our Hearts functions under the Board of Directors of our parent ministry, Life Action Ministries, we are eternally grateful for the leadership of our Advisory Board. Each member is engaged and involved in the mission of the ministry. They provide consistent prayer, protection, and direction on the strategic and big-picture operational level, as well as the spiritual/pastoral front.

The members of the Revive Our Hearts Advisory Board include:

  • Mr. Byron Paulus
    Strategic Partnerships Life Actions Ministries / OneCry Founder, Buchanan, MI
  • Mr. Dan Lister
    Senior Vice President, Pentair, Greater Chicago area
  • Mr. Bob Lepine
    Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer, FamilyLife, Little Rock, AR
  • Mrs. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
    CEO, Revive Our Hearts, Buchanan, MI
  • Mr. Chad Williams
    CEO, Five Q Communications, Atlantic, IA
  • Mr. Martin Jones
    Executive Director, Revive Our Hearts, Buchanan, MI
  • Mr. Ed Cannon (not pictured)
    President, Far East Broadcasting Company, La Mirada, CA