Bible vs. "My Reality"

November 25, 2014

Alejandra wanted a divorce. She hadn’t married for this; this wasn’t for her. Everyone else was getting a divorce; why couldn’t she? However, an online search led her to Nancy Leigh DeMoss and the Revive Our Hearts website. It “woke her up.” Alejandra had always thought she was a pretty good Christian (she was a pastor’s daughter, after all!), but the Lord needed to break her of her pride and mold her into His image. “Revive Our Hearts,” Alejandra says, “was the link that connected the Bible I’d been reading since I was five years old with the reality I was living.” She learned that if she kept feeding her mind and heart with the wrong things, she’d make the wrong decisions. Instead, she needed to begin making the right decisions today.

Topics: Marriage & Dating

Collection: Stories