Spoken Word

Hear the old, old gospel story expressed in fresh, powerful ways through the art of spoken word poetry.

Where Are the Wailing Women?

Call for the wailing women to come and cry out—women who love Jesus more than their temptation toward indifference.

We Know How His Story Ends

It will be revealed that God was answering all the saints’ prayers. Not one of them ended up in heaven’s lost and found. We …

The Weeping Prophet

God wants you, but He wants you clean, too. So He will multiply your mourning.

Do You Know Him?

Have you seen Him? Do you know Him? Will you give up all to serve Him? Do you love Him? These are the four …

Freedom, Fullness, Fruitfulness

Blair challenges women, as they scatter like seeds blown in the wind returning to their ordained battlefields, to go away from True Woman '14 …

Amazed by His Wonder

Are you amazed by His wonder? Jesus, Son of God and Son of man, Lamb of God and Lion of Judah, the Alpha and …