Erin Davis: Do you realize how often the word hospitality shows up in our everyday language? We talk about the hospitality industry and we value hotels that make us feel like we're at home. And Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says hospitality is related to another word we use all the time.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: The word “hospital” in its original meaning was a place of shelter and rest for travelers

Erin: My friend Katie Laitkep spent a good part of her teenage years in hospitals, as doctors tried to figure out what was making her so sick.

Katie Laitkep: By the time I was about sixteen, I was told that I had multisystem organ dysfunction. 

When I was in fifth grade, I first started getting sick a lot. I was missing school all the time. The year after that I was in sixth grade, and I was hospitalized for the first time with a very severe migraine that just lasted for weeks. It was pain that would not stop, no matter what we tried!

My symptoms have primarily been neurological, mostly different forms of headaches and migraines, but also different forms of migraines—ocular migraines that cause me to lose my vision, a lot of fatigue, brain fog, and memory loss.

I also have joint pain, arthritis-type symptoms, some psych symptoms where the illness causes anxiety and even depression at times. The worst have been cluster headaches, which are nicknamed “suicide headaches.” When those happen, you feel like you’re being stabbed in …