When your hurts are too much to bear,
I can’t make it disappear,
But I know how to weep with those who weep.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth (on air): You say you have faith in Christ. But if your love doesn’t show itself in the ministry of hospitality to those who have needs, how can anyone know if you have true faith?


Laugh a laugh and cry a tear.
Say "yes" to trust and "no" to fear.
Do you know you’re welcome here with me?
Do you know you’re welcome here with me?

Erin Davis: Hey there. Here's a travelogue. I'm in the Houston airport after some amazing days. On our last episode, we saw how Stacy Holden and her family show radical hospitality to Afghan refugees. My heart is just so full to think of just the power of opening our lives to others, just the power of somebody saying you're welcome here.

Maybe you're thinking, Stacy has grown kids. She has a flexible job. She has a decent-sized home. If you don't have all those things, are you still called to hospitality? To explore that question, I'm headed to Michigan by way of South Bend, Indiana. I’m eager to see biblical humility lived out even in more spaces.

Hannah Galvin could pretty easily make excuses for avoiding hospitality. In fact, she had good reasons to say no to hosting me.

Hannah Galvin: The week coming up to Erin arriving, my kids started coming down with fevers …