Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Well, for those who have been listening to this conversation we've been having, Mary, by the radio or podcast, they need to know we've also been doing a video shoot at the same time. And nobody can imagine, except us, all that we've been through to pull together this shoot. It's been days here of wardrobe issues, challenges, matching our clothes (we have very different styles), hair, and makeup and the set and . . .

Mary: I've brought mostly red clothes; you've brought mostly pink, so trying to put those two together.

Nancy: That did not work very well. So I'm saying: The next series we do should be called "Authentic Womanhood." We have no makeup. We wear the same outfit the whole time. What do you think?

Mary: Drink hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

Nancy: Yes, right.

Mary: In house robes or something?

Nancy: Right, right, right.

Mary: We'll get just as many complaints, I'm sure.

Nancy: Probably. But it is amazing how we all want to be beautiful and the lengths that we will go to in order to make ourselves presentable, and we've experienced a little bit of that over these last days.

Mary: I think that God has wired us as women to have a desire for beauty. And that's not a bad thing. It perhaps can be misguided when it's all put on, external beauty.

Nancy: Sure.

Mary: But I think that part of our wiring is to love …