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Week 12: The Personal Devotional Life: "Seeking Him" Daily

Dámaris Carbaugh: If you could lose weight crying, I’ve lost like thirty pounds this weekend! (laughter) This morning when I was trying to put a little eyeliner on, I noticed my eyelids were swollen because I have cried so much. And I cry easily, all the time.

One of the funniest things that ever happened is that I cry so much—and over everything and anything. One time I’m in my bedroom, and I’m crying and crying, and my son walks in (he’s about fifteen). He walked in with two ties because he wanted to ask me which one. I’m like, “boo-hoo-hoo.”

He sees me crying and he goes, “Which one, Mom, this one or this one?” It didn’t move him at all that I was crying! I just cry. And just because you cry a lot doesn’t make you spiritual; you’re just dramatic! (laughter)

One of the most precious people God has ever given me the privilege to meet is Nancy! Just hear me out here. She knows I’m not trying to elevate her in any way. But this is a woman whom I feel has wanted to seek God ever since she was a little girl. And she doesn’t cry very often, and I cry all the time! 

All these speakers that I’ve heard . . . this has been an amazing conference! Every speaker you’ve heard . . . Kelly, …