Erin Davis: Well, one more time. Grab your Bible. Open it, and turn to Joshua. We are going to finish our study of Rahab: Tracing the Thread of Redemption. Joined again with some favorite friends, and if they don’t know you by now, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. (laughter)

Just one more time, I’d love for you to introduce yourselves. Tell them anything you want them to know about you. Go ahead.

Paulina Torres: My name is Paulina, and this is the last time I think we’re going to be seeing each other.

Erin: It is!

Paulina: Oh, no. Jesus loves you, and don’t forget that ever. Fix your eyes on Jesus.

Erin: That’s so good. I love that. Alright.

Leslie Bennett: I’m Leslie. I’m from South Carolina. I want to say that last day of Bible study is always really sad for me, so I’m downcast.

Erin: I know! I’m Erin, from Missouri. I very much have that last-day-of-school feeling. At the beginning I said I had the first-day-of-school jitters. But you know how it goes: The first day you’re kind of antsy, and the last day, it’s so sad.

Leslie: It is!

Erin: But it’s been a joy to open God’s Word together over these weeks and in these sessions and talk about redemption.

When we were coming together to record this podcast, we were having breakfast together. I said, “We get to spend our day talking about redemption.” I could spend every day talking …