"Woman at the Well"—drama that goes with sessions 4–6.

Betsy Gómez: Back in January I was so stressed. My husband and I were trying to decide if I needed to let go of some of the things that I was doing back then. My plate was full, and my brain was pretty stretched. I had so many pieces for those small puzzles of my day.

So we started praying about it, and guess what happened? That same day I received a text from Nancy saying, “I'm thinking about you doing the session on priorities at True Woman. What do you think?” (laughter)

I froze for a moment, and then I knew that God was on to something. He was about to teach me some practical lessons on priorities first in my life. This multi-tasking queen needed to stop and read from God's Word and study about this matter.

In that season of life, I was tired, anxious, stressed. I was feeling mentally overwhelmed. Maybe you have had times that it feels like you are in an obstacle race and in a juggling competition at the same time. Every day it felt like I was trying to reach the finish line while maintaining all my balls in the air.

I kept asking myself, “How did I get here?” I mean, this is not something that you get over simply once.

Eight years ago the Lord convicted me about my idolatry to my career outside of the home. He gave …