Erin Davis: Hi, I’m Erin Davis, and we are so excited to launch the brand-new Women of the Bible podcast!

Who loves podcasts? All of the above. Me, too!

When I’m doing dishes I’m listening to a podcast, when I’m doing laundry I’m listening to a podcast, when I’m in the car.

So we are thrilled to be rolling out the Women of the Bible podcast. This season is all about Elizabeth.

We find Elizabeth’s story in one little chapter of the Bible. But I feel like she has so much to tell us.

So welcome to a version of my living room where we are discussing the Elizabeth Bible study. And the theme of this Bible study is: dealing with disappointment. It’s kind of a universal theme.

I want to introduce those of you who are listening to some friends of mine. In fact, I’m going to let them introduce themselves . . . because their names are a little bit hard to pronounce, and I don’t want to butcher it.

Let’s pretend it’s the first night of Bible study. Do you get the first night of Bible study jitters? (several “yeses”) I do, too. Every time I get the first night of Bible study jitters, but then I’m always so glad.

So it’s the first night of Bible study. Let’s introduce ourselves. Here’s my Bible study tip. When I’m teaching Bible study, I make everyone share their favorite breakfast. So . . . Erin Davis . . . Lucky Charms. Go ahead . . .

Asheritah Ciuciu: Asheritah, and I would have to say, breakfast burrito.

Erin: A breakfast burrito. Eggs.

Asheritah: So I make them myself—scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, different cheeses, then rolled out the tortillas and put cream cheese on them. Roll them up and put them in the freezer. So it ready for grab 'n go.

Erin: Yum. Please move next door.

The first week of school I did that. We froze all these breakfast burritos . . . and that was going to be the year.

Jaquelle: For the whole year?

Erin: Well, that was going to be the year I was going to be disciplined about breakfast. We did it one time. Lucky Charms is where we are at at my house. Alright, next?

Alejandra Slemin: My name is Alejandra, and I like fruit and tea for breakfast.

Erin: Fruit and tea. You’re being healthy.

Alejandra: That’s when I am in Canada. When I’m in the Dominican Republic I’ll have eggs, mangu, fried cheese.

Erin: What’s mangu?

Alejandra: Oh, I’ll explain it to you later.

Erin: This is exactly how Bible study would go at my house. We would spend an exorbitant amount of time talking about our favorite snacks before we would talk about God’s Word. You’re up next.

Jaquelle Crowe: I’m Jaquelle, and my favorite breakfast is probably granola. I like to make homemade granola because it is super easy.

Erin: It is really easy.

Jaquelle: And it’s really delicious.

Erin: So we’ve got some variety. I’m the only one who eats high fructose corn syrup. But I do have a bunch of boys.

So we’re looking at the life of Elizabeth. I don’t know if you would necessarily think of Elizabeth as the poster child for disappointment. But I think if we try and look at her story in Luke 1 through that lens, we’ll actually see that she has a lot to teach us about this topic of disappointment.

We all know what it’s like to face disappointment. We represent different ages and seasons of life in this study.

Elizabeth is an unexpected poster child, like I said. But we know from the text that what disappointments did Elizabeth face?

Alejandra: She was barren.

Erin: She was barren. Even the Scripture tells us that she was what? Advanced in …