Watch the drama that accompanies this message: Model–Diet Eiman

Susan Hunt: Susie, our granddaughter, was three or four years old when she slid down her stairs on her pillow just as her mother came around the corner and said, “Susie, don’t ever do that again.”

Susie asked, “Did you do this when you were a little girl?”

And her mother answered, “No. My mother wouldn’t let me.”

And Susie asked, “Who is your mother?”

And Catherine responded, “Susie, Mee-Mawmee is my mother.”

And Susie’s response was, “Uh uh. She’s an old lady.” (laughter)

There’s more. Susie is now the beautiful twenty-two-year old sitting over here with her mother, which makes me a very old lady. (laughter)

But here’s the thing: Every birthday is a gift from the Lord, and I’ve had seventy-seven of them, plus I’ve been happily married for fifty-three years. (applause and cheering) Girls, you have to be an old lady to be able to say that.

I love the quote from Elizabeth Prentiss, the nineteenth century author of Stepping Heavenward, when she wrote to a friend:

I’m ever so glad that I’m growing old every day and so becoming better fitted to be the dear and loving friend to young people that I want to be.

This is the antithesis of the world’s message that aging is our enemy. The Bible says that it’s our friend.

Job 12: “Wisdom is with the aged and understanding and length of days” (v. 12).

Proverbs 16: “Gray hair is …