Revive Our Hearts Weekend Podcast

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Motherhood: A Calling to Love

This program contains portions from the following episodes:

"God's Beautiful Design for Women, Day 25"

"A Revival in My House"

"The Double Stroller at a Tech Conference"



Dannah Gresh: Psst! Hey, Mom! Have you ever felt this way?

Laura Booz: I’ve got baby drool on my shoulder, and I’m just standing there watching these fabulous women sling their slim computer bags over their shoulders and head off to work. There are tears in my eyes, and I kind of want to run away.

Dannah: Ah, the mommy wars! No matter which side of what fence we’re on—career path, school choice, health care—we compare ourselves, don’t we? That was Laura Booz getting honest. And we’ll hear more from her and others, today on Revive Our Hearts Weekend. Welcome, I’m Dannah Gresh. I'm so glad you’re taking some time out of your day to …

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