• 27 April ‘22 – 15 June ‘22

True GirlFaith Lessons from the Barnyard

Learn about God’s character and power through His creation. Dannah Gresh & Staci Rudolph take you on a tour of Dannah’s barnyard to share some lessons of faith taught by llamas, horses, goats, peacocks and more. Season five of the True Girl podcast is sure to teach your daughter to look for God’s hand in nature for the rest of her life, and to understand his character.

Episodes in this season

Creature Teachers

Staci begins a journey of learning how the different animals on Dannah’s farm have taught her something about God. And it all begins with a rooster! View More →

God, Our Creator

Learn about the details of peacock feathers and one reason God made them the way He did. Hint: He loves it when you enjoy His creation! View More →