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A Woman Wanted Some Fruit

Claire Black: This is True Girl, a podcast for girls and their moms. Together, we’ll explore God’s truth for us one drive at a time! Buckle up!You’re about to grow closer to each other and closer to Jesus.

This season, we’re hanging out in the True Girl Truth Lab. 

Have you ever felt unlovable, stressed out, or sorta dumb? Are you easily embarrassed or a little boy crazy? Those could be sticky feelings.

Last week, we learned that when you think about something all the time every day it’s called a sticky feeling. And if you’re not careful, sticky feelings can lead to believing lies. 

Staci Rudolph told us that all lies come from Satan. And Dannah Gresh used the True Girl lie detector machine to help a girl named Sadie overcome her sticky feelings about beauty. 

Well, there are still problems that need to be solved in the …

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About the Hosts

Dannah Gresh

Dannah Gresh

Dannah Gresh is the co-host of Revive Our Hearts podcast and the founder of True Girl, a ministry dedicated to providing tools to help moms and grandmas disciple their 7–12-year-old girls. She has authored over twenty-eight books, including a Bible … read more …

Staci Eastin

Staci Eastin

Staci Eastin is a wife, mother, writer, and speaker. She is the author of The Organized Heart: A Woman's Guide to Conquering Chaos. Staci and Todd have been married since 1994 and have three children.