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Who Do You Call?

Topics: Prayer

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: When you’re in crisis, who do you call first? I think we can learn a lot from Habakkuk. He knew who to call when his world was falling apart. The first words we read from this biblical prophet are “O LORD!”

He could have looked at the power structures of his day and cried out, “O King!” He could have looked at the dominant world power and said, “O Assyrians!” He could have studied trends and cried out to a rising nation, “O Babylonians!”

But like a child wisely calling for his parent, Habakkuk knew the source of all love, power, and protection, so he called, “O LORD.”

Ultimately, the perspective you need won’t be found by going to a counselor or a therapist. It won’t come from a book or a trusted friend or even an earthly parent. Some of these may help, if they point you to God Himself. But ultimately, the peace, the perspective, and the answers you need will be found by going to the Wonderful Counselor.

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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