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O Lord!

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Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Women often write our ministry with really tough questions and issues.

“Since last summer when my son went to prison, I’ve been taking care of my grandchild . . .”

“I’m considering whether to take in the child that resulted from my husband’s affair . . .”

“I’ve tried to talk with him, but my pastor won’t address this issue, even though it’s causing a lot of disruption in the church . . .”

Nancy: I read these letters and think, O Lord! What can we possibly say? Sometimes we can only offer this advice: “Ask the One who knows everything. We can’t sort this out, but God knows the answer. Go to Him.”

The prophet Habakkuk was overwhelmed with questions, but the Bible tells us that Habakkuk took his question to the right person. The phrase “O Lord!” appears six times in the short book of Habakkuk. When the prophet had challenging questions, he turned to the One who knows everything. Have you done the same thing with your deepest concerns?

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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