Seeking Him Podcast

Not by Chance

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: When I first entered the ministry as a young woman, I had a zeal and passion for God’s work. But I have to admit that occasionally I felt that if I had been a man, I could have served God in a greater way.

Then I came to passages like the first couple chapters of Genesis, which tell us God created both male and female. He tailor-designed the woman for a specific purpose, to meet a specific need. He saw everything He had made, including the man and the woman, and said it was very good.

I began to realize that the Creator chose and designed me to be a woman. He gave me a vision for the wonder and beauty of His plan. I began to see my womanhood not as a burden, but as a blessing. It’s a means by which I can glorify God and reflect His image.

Remember, you weren’t created as a woman by chance. Have you thanked God for who He made you to be?

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

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