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Kindness at Home

(Kids creating havoc)

Woman: “Uhhh! I wish that everyone would just go away!”

(Phone rings)

Woman: (Changes tone) “Hello? Oh, hi, Deborah. Everything’s fine here, just fine.”

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: One of the places where kindness is most neglected is within the four walls of our own homes or with the people who know us the best. Why is it that the ones we're supposed to love the most are the ones we tend to take for granted? And why is it that so often in our homes we are more kind to strangers and to guests than we are to those who we live with?

Woman: (Sweet voice) “No problem. See you later. Bye." (Changes tone) "All right. Who made this mess?!”

Nancy: As you interact with your family today, remember—love is kind.

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

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