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God at the Polls - part 4

Topics: Revival

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Where do you stand on the issues? I’m not talking about the presidential race, as important as that is. I’m talking about your relationship with God. Are you a candidate for revival? Can God trust your deepest beliefs and record?

For instance, you may oppose abortion, but do you foster hate in your heart toward anyone? Do you protect yourself against hurt and bitterness that leads to anger and murder in your heart?

How about the issue of marriage? Are you committed to the permanence of marriage? Do you treat your own marriage as sacred, caring less about personal happiness and more about reflecting the love of Christ?

And when it comes to judicial restraint, are you seeking to understand God’s laws with an eagerness to apply and obey them? Or do you alter them to fit your own preferences?

As the political rhetoric heats up this season, spend some time evaluating your own positions on important spiritual issues. Are you a candidate for revival?

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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