• 16 April ‘12 – 3 May ‘12

Remember Miriam


What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Nancy examines the life of Miriam to give us an example to follow and a warning to heed. Through Miriam’s life, you’ll understand the power of a godly female model and get a sobering reminder that no matter how long you’ve walked with the Lord, you’re not immune to falling. 




Episodes in this season

God Uses Courageous Women

The courage of a few women can have a huge effect on their world. This was true in ancient Egypt when some women defied an evil king. It’s also true for you. View More →

Faith to Be Fearless

Do you ever worry what the future holds for your children? Find out how you can be a parent of faith, working, praying, and trusting for your children. View More →

The Seeds of Faith

When parents teach God’s Word to their kids, it can feel like the material is going in one ear and out the other. But it may pay off more than you realize. View More →

God-Centered Worship

After crossing the Red Sea, the Children of Israel witnessed the destruction of their enemies. Then they sang, worshiping God. View More →

Singing with a Whole Heart

Why do you sing in church? Out of habit or obligation? Nancy wonders what singing would be like if everyone were singing with their whole heart. View More →

Why Should You Sing?

Do circumstances or emotions ever make it hard for you to open your mouth and sing? Gain some perspective on singing joyfully. View More →

A Heart Scan

When you let a weed go, it will eventually conquer the garden. In the same way, when you let discontentment grow in your heart. View More →

Keep Me from Sin

Some behaviors, such as drug addiction, are not just sinful; they’re also taboo in the church. But it’s easy to get away with other types of sin. View More →

Touched by Humility

When people get older, they often resist new ways of doing things. How can you keep from developing that kind of resistance? View More →