• 1 October ‘18 – 4 October ‘18

Revive Our HeartsHallelujah: A Praise Celebration (A Study of Ps. 113)

You’ve probably heard the word, “Hallelujah” over and over. But do you know what the word means? Nancy will tell you what it means. But far more importantly, she’ll show you why it can have such rich meaning in your life.

Episodes in this season

Choosing Worship Over Whining

Nancy says you can’t worship and whine at the same time. She's honest about the temptation to whine and how meaningful praising God is during those times. View More →

Why Idolatry Is Ridiculous

Ancient people worshiped animals. It’s easy to recognize the futility of that kind of idolatry. But the truth is all of us are tempted to worship other Gods. View More →