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Being a Confident Woman in a Confusing World, with Mary Kassian

Have you ever felt insecure? Of course; we all have. The answer to our insecurities goes beyond a new outfit or the “you’re enough” pep talk. Discover the grit of a God-fearing woman and learn how to have the right kind of confidence in this episode with one of our favorite guests, Mary Kassian.

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Introduction: Confidence

Portia Collins: Would you describe yourself as a confident woman? Good morning, I'm Portia Collins, and welcome to Grounded. This is a podcast and videocast brought to you by Revive Our Hearts.

Alejandra Slemin: I'm Alejandra Slemin. Erin Davis and Dannah Gresh won't be with us today. So, Portia and I are driving this bus/boat together for the first time on our own. Today as a perfect day we're …

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About the Hosts

Portia Collins

Portia Collins

Portia Collins serves on the Revive Our Hearts team as the Monthly Partner Specialist and co-host of the weekly videocast, Grounded. Her favorite part of her job is meeting the ministry partners who help make the mission possible. Portia is … read more …

Alejandra Slemin

Alejandra Slemin

Alejandra Slemin is a sinner who believed in Jesus at the age of seven in her native country, Dominican Republic. She is a wife and homechool mom to four. She's passionate about Christ, studying the Scriptures, discipling, teaching, and learning … read more …

About the Guest

Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian is an award-winning author, an internationally renowned speaker, and a frequent guest on Revive Our Hearts. She has written more than a dozen books and Bible studies including Conversation Peace and The Right Kind of Strong. … read more …