Keep on Feasting: Practical Tools to Keep You Hungry for God's Word

Making a New Year’s resolution might be the easiest thing you’ll do this year. Keeping it? Well, that’s the real challenge. We tend to think of resolutions as a singular event—a moment in time in which we set a goal and go after it, often cold turkey:

I’m done drinking soda.

I’ll just stop eating sugar.

This year, I’ll hit the gym for sure.

I’m finally going to learn to play the guitar.

In reality, these behavior changes require something more than resolve. They require commitment, perseverance, and the ability to fall, pick back up, and start again.

In January we challenged you to read the Bible every day in 2021, knowing you would need some tools to help you on your way (and a really good cheerleader). Consider these tips a dose of both! If you’re . . .

Still Reading Every Day

Great job! Keep on feasting!

TIP: Is it time to take your reading plan to the next level? Consider writing out a passage, journaling what you’ve learned, or making some basic observations as you’re reading the text.

Hit or Miss

Don’t give up! The more you drink from the deep well, the more thirsty for the Word you’ll become!

TIP: Think about what you do on the days you are successful and make those things a part of your process. Is it setting out your Bible the night before? Going to bed early? Reading at night instead of in the morning? Lighting a candle and grabbing a cup of coffee? Make sticking to your routine as painless as possible.

Totally Off-Track

First, pray. Pray that God will give you the desire and the discipline to commit to a plan and stick to it. He wants you to hear from Him through His Word. He’ll answer!

TIP: We all need accountability. Ask a sister in Christ, your husband, or a mentor to read the Bible with you weekly and to hold you accountable on the days that you are apart. It will be good for you and your friend will be blessed, too!

Feast On!