17 Prompts to Help You Say a Prayer for America

Have you ever tried to put together a prayer for America but felt unprepared? Whether you’ve been asked to lead a prayer for America at your local church gathering or prayer meeting, or simply want ideas on how to add a prayer for America into your own personal intercession time, we know how hard it can be to decide where to start.

With so many needs to address and viewpoints to consider — many of them difficult to navigate in a public setting without accidentally sparking conflict — it can be hard to know what to say or how best to seek the Lord’s will through national challenges.

Here are 17 biblically-sound prayer prompts and verses you can use to help guide you through a prayer for America today.

Prompt #1 

Pray that God will turn people’s hearts toward Himself and that He will be glorified in the outcome of the upcoming elections.

Prompt #2

Pray that God’s people will demonstrate a spirit of repentance and prayer--individually and corporately. (2 Chron. 7:14)

Prompt #3

Pray that God will raise up righteous leaders who will model integrity and authenticity. (Eph. 4:1-2; Prov. 14:34)

Prompt #4

Pray that Americans will see their spiritual poverty; that our nation’s citizens will awaken to their great spiritual need. (Joel 3:12)

Prompt #5

Pray that godly men and women will be placed in positions of authority so that God’s people can rejoice. (Prov. 29:2)

Prompt #6

Pray that leaders we elect will be just, fear God rather than men, and depart from evil. (2 Sam. 23:3; Prov. 1:7; 14:26; 16:6)

Prompt #7

Pray that citizens will seek wise leaders who listen to biblical counsel. (Prov. 1:3–5)

Prompt #8

Pray that citizens will vote with wisdom and discretion. (Prov. 3:21b)

Prompt #9

Pray that people will be able to see truth (Ps. 86:11), that error will be exposed, and that people with wicked agendas will be made weak. (Prov. 25:5)

Prompt #10

Pray that Christians will speak the truth, but in love, concerning those running for office. (Eph. 4:15)

Prompt #11

Pray that Christians will avoid negativity, fault-finding, and contentiousness, but instead, will stand out as God’s loving, pure children. (Phil. 2:14–15)

Prompt #12

 Pray for truth in the media. (Prov. 12:22

Prompt #13

Pray that Christians will put their confidence in God, rather than any political candidate. (Ps. 118:8–9)

Prompt #14

Pray that Christians will look to God to overcome the enemies of truth and righteousness. (Ps. 60:11-12)

Prompt #15

Pray that those who love righteousness and truth will fulfill their responsibility to vote. (Matt. 22:21)

Prompt #16

Pray that God will work through leaders to keep the doors open for His Gospel to be proclaimed. (Col. 4:3a)

Prompt #17

Pray for God’s will to be accomplished in the elections. (Ps. 33:11; 103:19; 115:3)

“I believe if our people across this nation will get on their knees and repent, not only of their own sin but the sins of the nation, and cry out to God for His mercy on this upcoming election, that He will hear our prayers and answer them.” – Shirley Dobson